databoard app

Automate repetitive data jobs and improve efficiency

Check and use/process data you need for work


Create as many Databoards as you need


Popular connectors for data jobs supported


Simple interface and intelligent assistant for everyone

Quick action

Add buttons to automate your workflows


Designable workspaces for easy collaboration


Share Databoards with guests with passcode, safely


Reuse connectors, Databoards, queries, and more


The data processed on Outcode is only stored in your system.


Load data and automate it

Create pages with any data without code. Load data directly from any data sources like databases, Google Sheets, and Airtable!

Actions help you to automate repetitive data transfer jobs easily.

Load all data on a single page

Set automated alerts with conditions

Add actions to transfer data into any apps

Be a data-driven company without code

Integrate data into your core values


More data jobs automated

Higher efficiency

Achieved by data automation


Embracing data as part of work

New opportunities

Capture new chance to grow further

Workflow opt for data

Workflows are essential at work. Automate a flow of business data across any data sources

Add database, application, API, and script blocks to build a customized workflow.

Automatically processing a bulk of records

Easy to build, without code

Intelligent assistant for user

Single platform for all data jobs

No more hidden and separate data jobs. Automate all data jobs collectively!

Manage all connectors and automations

Access control per user and automation

Reuse anything

Easy and modern interface for non-technical users


Outcode is designed for any team working with data - from data teams to internal tools, management, business analytics, marketing, product, and more!

10 minutes build

More features are not always better. Outcode provides essential features for data jobs.

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