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The Fusion of Sheets and Actions

Connect Data, Set Filters, and Add Apps to Make a Full Automation!

Connect data
Automatically Connect with Google Sheets, Airtable, Databases, and More!
Set filters
Set Your Desired Filters Based on Time, Conditions, and More
Add apps(actions)
Add Data-Processing Apps(actions), Choose Between Manual or Scheduled Execution, and Create Your Own Unique Automation with Ease!

Connect any data

Connect Any Data You Use to Outcode and Enjoy Real-Time Automatic Synchronization

Outcode Automation Formatter

Effortless Data Processing Made Easy

Automatically Convert Linked Data Formats (Date-Time, Number, Currency, URL, Percentage, String) into Your Preferred Formats

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Powerful Filters

Accurately Filter Only the Data You Want, Such as Data from the Past Minute, Yesterday's Data, or Data with or Without Certain Strings

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Add Apps(actions)

Add Apps(actions) with a Simple Click and Outcode Will Automatically Apply Filters and Execute Actions in Real-Time Based on Your Schedule!.

Outcode Automation Selection Guide

What is Outcode Automation?

Outcode automates data processing based on user-defined conditions and simplifies the transfer of data between apps, allowing users to save time and costs with minimal effort.

Outcode Automation is a powerful automation tool used to process, filter, and interact with data connected to various apps. It enables users to increase work efficiency through automation.

What types of tasks is Outcode Automation commonly used for?

We automate tasks such as customer communication, automated email sending, and automatic sending of notifications such as Alimtalk or KakaoTalk, data retrieval and management, and more.

Especially with the use of filters and scheduled actions, it is possible to connect different actions based on the conditions of the data columns. Advanced and customized automation can be applied to various customer scenarios.

Could you tell me about some use cases?

Automatically collecting information from various departments, partners, and customers.

Tasks such as alerts, emails, notifications, etc. based on the situation and conditions of customers or users.

Integrating between Google Sheets or between Google Sheets and databases.

Personalized group promotion tasks.Searching for data based on various conditions.

Using outcode automation in HR and education management.Handling various exception cases such as refunds, cancellations, returns, and claims.

Do you save the data I automate?

Outcode processes data on a no-store basis, meaning it does not store any data that users process using the platform.

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