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Collaborative Automation

You can manage and collaborate on all automations together.

Team work
Automate together
Access control
Click to set a user control
Unstored environment and encrypted processing are provided as standard

Team space

All connected connectors and created automations can only be viewed by team members. Feel free to create and modify teams according to your business processes.

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Share and reuse

All connected connectors and automations in our team can be managed in one place. All can be used by all team members without having to set it again.

Granual access control

The finely designed permission settings in two levels for users and administrators, which satisfy both collaboration and management purposes, allow for safe collaboration from user access to control over connectors and in-use automated apps.

Secured platform

Outcode does not store any data that users process, and all critical information is encrypted and processed with the AWS Key Management System.

개발자도 바쁩니다. 이제 직접 자동화하세요.

커넥터 유형
사용자 구분
스프레드시트 (구글 시트, 엑셀)
일반 사용자(비개발자)
모든 기능
데이터베이스 (SQL, No-SQL)
일반 사용자(비개발자)
모든 기능
협업 툴 (슬랙, 팀즈, 잔디 등)
일반 사용자(비개발자)
모든 기능
메시징 (이메일, 문자, 카카오톡 등)
일반 사용자(비개발자)
모든 기능
생산성 툴
일반 사용자(비개발자)
모든 기능
일반 사용자(비개발자)
모든 기능
커스텀 커넥터 (고객요청 시)
일반 사용자(비개발자)
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