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Using exchange rate and time zone data

"In the operations team, there were many tasks that were repeatedly performed manually in Excel, such as checking exchange rates twice a day and modifying request details to Korean time. With Outcode, we can apply filters and retrieve real-time data via API without the need to touch the original data. Now, we only need to check them occasionally."

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user management

Automated user in-flows

"When a user fills out an input form indicating their interest in trying out a new service on the website, previously we had to manually confirm and collect the data before sending out emails. Now, we can directly add the input form data to a Google Sheet and automatically send an informational email along with a link to access the new service to the applicant, ensuring that there are no customers missed due to human error."

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shared office

Custome billing

"As the usage of office multifunction printers and rental space increased, we had the inconvenience of having to manually modify and issue usage fee invoices in the same format for each transaction.
By connecting our Google Sheet to an outcode, we were able to automate monthly usage history emails, saving us three hours per task."

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user data

Monitoring and Notification

"We were searching for a way to alert the operations team if events occurred that were significantly larger or smaller than the average, such as a sudden jump from 10,000 to 20,000 gold collected by about 100 users. Developing a solution was possible, but we faced the challenge of limited resources and the complexity of implementation. By connecting our database to an outcode, we were able to implement a feature that sends a Slack notification only when the predetermined conditions are met."

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data management

Data integration

"Managing and processing data from multiple database servers generated by customer activities was a challenging task to transfer to other systems. Using an outcode data flow app, we were able to consolidate all the data in one place for analysis. Real-time updates allowed us to efficiently handle any modifications, significantly improving work efficiency."

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