Advanced Automation Features

Dataflow automates complex logic

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ADvanced automation

Automate in Sequence with Dataflow

Add apps and automate them in order

Set a trigger
Manual or automatic
Add apps(actions)
Add data sources and apps
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Connect any apps

Click to connect various solutions required for your work such as databases, email, messaging, Google Sheets, collaboration tools, and more

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Run dataflows

You can run Dataflow manually, on a schedule, or using webhooks

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Referencing data

You can automatically refer the data processed in one app in the next app.

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Intelligent debug

Outcode monitors the status of each app and address any issues that arise.

Outcode Dataflow Selection Guide

What is Outcode Dataflow?

Dataflow runs apps automatically in a workflow format in a specific order. Its powerful processing performance is useful for integrating and synchronizing data with internal systems.

How Dataflow processing data?

Outcode can automatically process multiple or bulk data. For example, you can bring records from a database or Google Sheet and automate them sequentially.

No-code integration tools in the market (such as Zapier) do not operate unless a specific event (such as a new record) occurs in the solution via event trigger. Also, they cannot process multiple data.

Can I Integrate it with our system?

Yes, The functionality of Dataflow is optimized for data integration and processing that involves internal system integration

Does it store my data?

Outcode does not store any data processed by the user in a non-persistent manner.

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