A new way to develop

No-code is a new development method for people.

February 1, 2023
Christopher Moon

Understanding from the user’s point of view

Anyone who has looked up no-code (or low-code) knows that related concepts are mixed up. It is sometimes classified as low code if code is used and no code if code is not used, but in many cases, there is no specific content.

First, Gartner's answer about the difference is 'Leaders should focus on evaluating these tools based on their fit to use cases and skill sets, rather than the labels used to describe the products.'

Second, IBM says that ‘low-code is a method that automatically generates code by assembling visualized blocks, and no-code is a method that is completely visually possible without being used by the developer’.

Those are fancy, but difficult to understand clearly.

The concept of no code we define while developing Outcode is ;

  1. Development (method). Development means a finished product, but a custom that users can make themselves.
  2. Easy Access and High Possibilities (Low Barrier and High Ceiling) — Because it has the attributes of development, it is appropriate to provide a user environment that can create advanced results using low code, from basic results that are easy for anyone. Therefore, it is meaningless to distinguish whether or not there is a code in a user environment that provides both.
  3. For example, if you learn a programming language, which is a code-based development method, you can develop from hello world to a platform. No-code is a new development method for people.
  4. From a no-code platform standpoint, providing an LBHC is more difficult, and recently emerging no-code solutions go beyond replacing the low-code area and are rising to the level of replacing hard-coding itself.

Let’s think about the upcoming future. I think it might be the first.

“Send an extra coupon to only those who made a purchase among the visitors who came in today.”

“Connect to the server first and open the query editor”

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