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No-code workflow platform

Automate your data jobs with Outcode

Outcode is a no-code platform for automating daily data works and building workflows.

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WHy nocode workflow platform

Why Outcode?

Fit for data jobs

Say bye to integration tools with frequent data errors. Build apps that automate bulk data seamlessly.

Absolute easiness

Create your data job automation apps in the easiest and most user-friendly environment.

Increased productivity

Automate workflows, data request pages or reports, notifications and monitoring for your work.

Real-time collaboration

Work together in the same workspace with your team members to make and update data apps you need.

automation app

Simple way to build workflows

Build workflows by connecting databases, SaaS applications, or internal systems with a few clicks.

An intelligent assistant feature helps non-technical users to create customized workflows easily.

Automate simple data collection jobs as well as complex workflows

Connect different databases, SaaS and legacy systems

Support universal webhook, API, programming languages

Databoard app

The easy way to access data

Create pages with data and narratives in just a few minutes. Update and reuse the Databoards whenever you want.

Collect any data you need on a single page for dashboard, data pages, growth-hack, and meeting notes.

Have data requests, communication and data results in one page

Automated deployments and bot supported through collaboration tools

Process selected data records into apps and systems

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