No-code data platform

A platform for automating data jobs

Outcode is a no-code data platform for automating daily data works and building workflows.

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Outcode - No-code datapage platform for your team | Product Hunt
WHy nocode data platform

Why Outcode?


Automate any data jobs instantly


Annual growth of companies using data platforms


Automation led by business users


Control all paths to data at a single work space

2 hours

Daily time-saving with a data platform


Companies believe a data platform is the key ingredient for digitalization.


An easy way to access data

Create pages with data and narratives as easy as writing a doc and as powerful as built-by-developers. It super easy to make and re-use!

Collect any data you need on a single page for dashboard, personalized data pages, growth-hack, and meeting notes

Automate all formal and ad-hoc reports

Personalize page to manage data you need

Load selected records into apps and systems


A new way to build workflows

Build workflows triggered by schedule, HTTP request and manual call with few click.

An intelligent assistant helps non-technical users to create customized workflows easily.

Automate from data collection jobs to complex workflows

Any combination of databases, SaaS and legacy systems

Support universal webhook, API, programming languages